Saturday, August 21, 2010

Great Day on the Great Lake

Ah yes, endless blue water stretching before you and the sun glinting softly off the smooth red pebbles under your you listen to the crashing of waves barely superseded by the cries of seagulls...and feel a cool, wet breeze that laps across your face with each wave that strikes the shore :)

I had a wonderful day on the Great Lake Superior! Not to mention enjoyed some incredible food :) The only thing I was missing was some ACCESSORIES because I made the mistake of packing them for school already...all at the bottom of a box. But I made up for that by buying a teeny (think 1/2") purple glass elephant with teensier glass tusks! Sooooo cute, but unfortunately difficult to capture with a camera. So just enjoy the scenic pics and outfit...

<3 Cambria


  1. I think your outfit is so gorgeous! In fact, I want it! The food also looks real yummy <3

  2. Hi Dears!

    I've given you and award @ The Rule is, I'm supposed to tell you ;)

  3. Such a lovely view! Glad you had fun. Your outfit is super sweet. I'm all over the mid-length skirt. Love it!