Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alas, only one picture today...dearest Boyfriend took a couple for me earlier today, but I accidentally deleted the other ones from my camera before I'd transferred them to my computer :( So very depressing! You will have to do with just this one shot for today!

I am quite proud of this outfit because it is 50% free...both the cream shirt underneath and the patterned brown tie-neck blouse were in a free bin at the end of school last year! The brown shirt is just Merona brand, but I love the big floppy tie around the keyhole neck...and the pattern is uber vintage and adorable <3

Wish I had the close-up of my feet!!! Grrr!!! These are darling little leather ankle boots with leather strings and leather weaving around the cuffs. The soles say "made in Brazil" and they look like they have some handwork on them. I got them from Goodwill for $4 :) What a steal...

What's the best deal you've ever gotten?

<3 Cambria


  1. So cute! Love the fall colored look!

  2. Love all of the fall browns. And those shoes are pure perfection. You have great style!

  3. Thanks so much Jen and Sarah!!! Brown is such a happy colour to wear when you're crunching leaves on the sidewalk :D

  4. I love your shoes! I think that shade of brown is perfect with almost every outfit. $4? I'm jealous!

  5. They really are versatile...I love that I can wear them with jeans or skirts or dresses...and they work fall or winter too :)