Saturday, September 11, 2010

Meet Wilbur, It's Indian Summer

From where I'm sitting in my apartment living room, I can hear the football game across the street. Pretty soon I'll be heading to Boyfriend's house in my AL Crimson Tide team shirt and jeans (plus red Keds--team colours, haha). I never thought I'd enjoy watching football and always SWORE I'd never wear a team shirt of any kind...but I've broadened my horizons :D I've learned to have a LOT of fun watching and now I'm semi-addicted myself. Plus, hanging out with the Boyfriend is always a deee-light!

But for the's what I'm wearing...something else I SWORE I would never touch. A maxi dress! I'm in a maxi dress! I don't think Jess quite approves because we've always said they are unflattering to practically anyone. But when I saw the colour palette and movement on this one, I just couldn't resist. It's sooooo comfy and makes me feel like a Bohemian princess or something :) Don't judge!

And finally--meet WILBUR <3 He is the little black cast-iron pig that will be appearing in blog posts this week. I've had him ever since I was a baby (gift from Grandpa) and he traveled with me to college. Now he's everybody's favourite roommate :)

<3 Cambria


  1. This dress is stunning!! And definatly NOT unflattering. I used to not understand the concept of a maxi dress because I didn't understand why anyone would want to be covering their legs in the middle of summer...but I also gave in!

  2. Not to mention you look 55 feet tall!

  3. Thanks so much guys :)

    Chelsea, I'm only 5'2" so I'm glad I look tall in these pics!

    And yes, Natasha--I didn't understand til I wore one and now I'm addicted to the comfiness :)

  4. The dress is so pretty, I love the pattern! I really like your earrings too. Dangly is so fun!

  5. I agree with you on both your former promises to yourself. I tend to break them as well. :)
    And you're right. You do look like a princess.

  6. Wow, you're a mile high... Wilbur is not quite my top roommate, however. But pretty close.

  7. Agreed, Caitlin. Chris is fast becoming my favorite roommate - he's so funny!

    Cambria, you have finally found your place in history - Greek goddess. Forget Wilburforce, you already have an Apollo :)