Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bobbing for {Russet} Apples

Humm te's been quite the week...getting into the rhythm of another year and season! Dear Jessica has been suffering acutely from Caribou-Drive-In-Backache Syndrome, and I have been constantly and agonizingly inflicted with More-Homework-Than-Fits-My-Schedule-itis. Next week should be better, however, and thus contain more consistent blog posts *moment of embarrassment*

That said, my other and lovely roommate Caitlin and I managed to squeak in a trip to the nearby mall today. When (finally!) an H&M opens in your neighborhood--well, it's an event worth spending your measly two hours of weekend freedom on :) Plus I had a little birthday money, so I replaced my favourite dress (succumbed to a terrible rip last year) with this fall's revamp...*follow this blog and you'll see it soon*

Speaking of this fall, this season's selection at H&M is absolutely fabulous, just let me tell you! Jess, Caitlin, and I--who definitely have varying styles--all fell head over heels for a little russet number. Picture a long-sleeve, silky-soft light-weight sweater with the perfect crew-neck cut and (very British) soft, brown leather elbow patches. To top it all off, said elbow patches were top-stitched. Heaven. *Read those last sentences and tell me you've ever such a highly-concentrated hyphenated vocabulary*

Besides the little russet number, we found some darling ruched-sleeved shirts, big pocket swing skirts, a ballet pink cardigan and some leopard print. In the end, we restrained ourselves (college student budget). But you can see Jess' new skirt in today's outfit pics :D

<3 Cambria


  1. Super cute! Can't wait to see the other things you purchased! I need to get something zebra-print. I've been having a crazy craving for it!

  2. You ladies are so cute. Can't wait to see the pieces in action.

    Love from Toronto, Canada.

    P.S: I am following you on google. :)

  3. Zebra print is a hit-or-miss for me...but I have absolute faith that you would be a "hit" :) Let me know when you've found something!!!

  4. Aw I love H&M. It's always soo excited when one opens up huh :)

  5. lovely blog. :)

  6. your necklace!! I just saw that somewhere but I dont remember where...