Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Channeling Audrey

I borrowed Jess' shirt today...her BURBERRY thrifted shirt!!! This plaid print is just soooooo comfy and cute. There's something to be said for expensive brands sometimes, the fabric quality is just so much better. I love the soft but heavy feel of Burberry plaid, and it was very cozy on such a cool, rainy day :)

I'm getting very excited to travel to Atlanta later this semester!!! Today I found out that I get to share my hotel room with another female archaeology "fan"...looking forward to geeking out with her a little. Plus I can tell she has awesome style.

Also, my birthday is fast approaching...and I have my eye on some shoes that I'd like to buy with my gift money :D More on that in just a week or so!

<3 Cambria


  1. Cuuute! I love how recognizable Burberry plaid is.

    Yay for geeking out with like-minded people! That's my favorite. (:

  2. I think plaid is so fun, and I can't believe it's from Burberry! So amazing!

    Your trip sounds like it's going to be real fun!

    Ohh, can't wait for you to post about your birthday!

  3. I know, it's interesting that sometimes, the higher end brands to have a difference that you can feel when you're wearing them. For the longest of time, I thought that sometimes, you were paying for the name and nothing else. :)

  4. this outfit is adorable!!! I love the shoes with it!

    my hubby would be fine with seeing me in a garbage bag. haha. but he does have good fashion sense.

    that was nice that you complimented my looking photogenic. I found this set to be the worst for me photogenically! glad you saw it more positively!!!!!!!! ^_^