Thursday, September 30, 2010

*Cough* *Cough*

Today is definitely, definitely a sick day. As in, I have a fever and can't stop coughing and only occasionally breathe day. But at least I have a good reason to stay home and take a breather from the daily schedule, sitting on the couch with a pile of homework and some Lemon Lift :)

This is the DARLING RED COAT that I got for my birthday...and oh boy, do I love it!!! Aren't I fortunate to have a Boyfriend with such good taste? I want to wear it every day...but I'm trying to limit myself...

On other news, I got a poem published in the school writing journal and I'm very, very excited to see it in print in a few weeks. I'll share it with you!

June 24, 2006

I think when death is slow, it aches
like cold ice cream against your teeth,
which I’m spooning into your mouth because you are helpless;
such a strange juxtaposition to memories, the present—
cradling these fragile bones beneath the lucent skin of your hands,
colourless but for the violet shimmer of your veins
like the paths of light on bubbles
in your kitchen sink—I was a baby taking a bath cuddled in your hands.

And the room has a smell that
tastes of dark chocolate and the sea, two loves;
licks of happiness across my tongue or
swirling around my limbs, a salty caress
warm from the light of the sun, buoying
me up, effortless, like being wrapped in strong arms—
I want to have them always
and you by my side.


  1. I love the yellow sweater...the print looks great.
    It's definatly a bonus when your man has good taste!

  2. Aw, feel better soon! The darling red coat IS darling. Love it. And congratulations on the poem. It's spectacular!

  3. Fabulous coat! Your boyfriend gets major points for picking that out!

  4. I hope you feel better soon! Congrats on your poem being published, that is amazing!

    Oh my gosh, is that coat from Forever 21?

  5. Jen--Yes, it is from Forever 21 :)

    Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! At least today I don't have a fever!