Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dream Dress!!!

So after a couple weeks of online wedding dress shopping...this is IT...this is my DREAM DRESS. I have fallen completely in love with it! I love the softness and simplicity of the plain satin, the elegant/unique twist of the short hem in front, the way the bubble hem falls on the ground, the low v-back, the sweetheart top. Oh oh oh. It's PERFECT!!!

Aaaand way out of my budget at $1000. So sad :'(

<3 Cambria


  1. Most people splurge BIG time on a wedding dress and I think 1,000 is a great deal!!! Start a dream dress fund on the blog:)

  2. That dress is stunning..I LOVE the hem!
    You could probably find a seamstress that would be able to make a similar dress for a lot cheaper!

  3. Hahaha...take up a collection for my wedding gown :D I like it!!!

  4. Cambria, this dress is sooo YOU! I will personally donate $5 towards your $1,000 dress if you start a fund ;)

  5. Maybe you could find someone to help you recreate it! It is lovely.

  6. This is so gorgeous! Could you possibly find it somewhere else?

  7. Hey Cambria, check out
    they have tons of used wedding dresses for sale
    maybe they will have this one for less money :)
    Have fun planning your wedding—it's a blast!

  8. The dress is GORGEOUS! I love everything about it! Fabulous hemline!
    I really hope you can get it :)