Sunday, November 21, 2010

14 of 30: Ice Mummy

A small list of things that I feel today:
1. I'm tired because of the homework and traveling I had to cram in this week in order to present my archaeology paper at the conference in Atlanta.
2. I'm craving something hazelnut and chocolate...oh wait...Drayton Wesley gave me Lindt truffles as a send off :)
3. I'm apprehensive about a paper that's due tomorrow...that I'm not starting until tomorrow.
4. I'm happy with the outfit combination I came up with today...wasn't sure how I would feel about mixing this scarf and tights with this dress, but turned out great!
5. And finally, I'm cold because we had a crazy freak ice storm last night!!! I got stranded at a friend's house for the night...there was such terrible ice that highways were closing and I couldn't WALK down the sidewalk by her apartment!!!


  1. This is such a cute outfit! I love your scarf and sweater!
    Good luck with your paper, I'm sure everything will be fine :)

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  3. love all these rich fall colors together <3 and that belt.

  4. This is a great, great look. Such wonderful colors. The tights and scarf are both perfect with this dress and with those boots.
    The Auspicious Life