Monday, November 22, 2010

15 of 30: Jamocha Me Crazy

This afternoon, I drank a Ghiradelli mocha with whipped cream and wrote a book report. Does it get any better than that?

Yes, it does...I also discovered a new outfit combination I love! I really wanted to wear this gray sweater, but I've already styled it with jeans in my 30 for 30 remix. So I was perplexed...what to do?! Until I just threw it on over my black dress experimentally and fell in LOVE!!!

I will definitely be trying a combination like this again. Sooooooo comfy and easy to wear, which is what makes an outfit the most fabulous. Hoorah 30 for 30 for making me creative!!!

<3 Cambria


  1. hooraaay 30 for 30! you are amazing, cambria. I wish I had your style. <3

  2. cambria, you and me...30 for january. i'm ready.

    also, this is weird that i am commenting, because it looks like you are talking to yourself.


  3. Awww Cambria, I am so glad you are getting creative because I never would have thought about throwing a oversized sweater over a cute structured dress.

  4. love that oversized sweater on you! following you as well :)

  5. That's the cutest outfit. I need to start taking after you I think! :)