Monday, November 29, 2010

20 of 30: Sage and Thyme

Soooooooo...first of's lovely to be back to regular posting! I have felt to scattered the past couple weeks, what with all this going out of town jazzamatazz. I think my sense of inner calm filtered into this outfit today...these warmer, muted colours just made me feel so comfy and happy!

These heels are the comfiest things $9.99 I ever spent! I forget I'm wearing heels when I have them on. Only problem is, my adoration of said heels is beginning to show...Alas, the stitching and trim around the edges of the shoes is falling off. What will I do?

Today I learned a lot about the philosophical belief of foundationalism in my philosophy class. We went over the ontological, teleological, cosmological, and other arguments for the existence of a God/supreme being. While I understand the rejection of certain gods, I just don't see how people can reject the concept of a god altogether. The evidence just seems so conclusive.

But then again, I'm constantly shocked by what people do and don't do :) And that's on a scale all the way from the kinds of food they like to what they think of "life questions." Perhaps I should stop thinking so much!!!

<3 Cambria


  1. i don't think you should ever stop thinking so much...and i love the tights and shoe combo. those high heeled maryjanes are amazing!

  2. I am an overthinker too! your outfit is adorable <3

  3. ooo lovely necklace!!! this is a cute outfit. I like it!

  4. Your necklace is so lovely - nice golden bronze tones. I like your neutral leggings as well.

    9.99! Such a good price (:

  5. super cute necklace! I'm an official follower :) can't wait to see more great styles xx