Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello, Dah-ling: Classically Romantic

I wanted to share a little something extra special today, just to help ring in this first week of the New Year...*drum roll*
Classically Romantic!!!

This lovely Etsy shop has all of my favourite things...lace, wax seals, pearls, teacups, ribbons, Scottie dogs, envelopes, keys, bows, kitschy-cute fabric, and plenty of charms and name it, it's part of Classically Romantic jewelry and accessories. The owner of this darling boutique is Anna, a college student and budding artist with a flair for vintage and fashion. I love the unique-ness of her pieces--there's something for everyone whether you want demure, elegant, kitschy, classic, romantic, cute, chic, or vintage!!! Plus, her descriptions are so adorable and fun to read :)

Take, for instance, this bookplate necklace (perfect for Valentine's Day, yes?):

Or how about this clever keyhole necklace a la Alice in Wonderland:

Or even this charming handmade fabric necklace:

Check Classically Romantic out on Etsy or Facebook...I'm sure you'll find something you love :)

<3 Cambria


  1. These are really unique. Such simple elegence.

    I am off to look at her Etsy store. This will add some romance to my Friday evening as my hubby has decided to take a nap.......LOL


    Ciao Ciao Bella Donna

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  2. Oh my gosh! You're right, they're all very unique. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thanks for sharing! They really do have some unique pieces!

  4. These accessories are so cute. :)

    Have a lovely week.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Canada