Friday, February 18, 2011

All My Secrets Away

Oooooo such lovely spring weather this week (by which I mean we can actually take outdoor pics)!!! You may wonder why this has resulted in fewer outfit photos...I have no good answer :D Just been lazy this week, not to mention Jess has been busy with production week for the show "Boys Next Door."

Kinda went with a plaid theme today, as you may well see...

Looking back over the past several posts, I've realized that I wear these red tights too much. And maybe the black skirt too. Let's be honest.

But denim skirts never get many ways to wear them!!! Doesn't she look adorable :)

<3 Cambria


  1. You can never wear red tights too much.

  2. I love seeing how you guys coordinate/influence each others' outfits :) SO cute! I love all of jess' bundly winter wear and cambria that skirt is tooo cute!

    <3 Chelsea

  3. you both look amazing! loving the red tights and the black pea coat!!