Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello, Dah-ling--JUST ZIPPED

I would like to introduce you all to one of my new (and all time) favourite the lovely Miss Chelsea Lane. Check her out!!!

1. What first inspired your love of fashion?

After I discovered Free People, I knew I wanted a career in fashion. I didn't get creative with my wardrobe until I was a junior in high school (before that? All Hollister and American Eagle). Then I got into studying the shows, noting trends, and recognizing designers. When Rachel Zoe came into my life, I knew I wanted to be a stylist!

2. If you could fulfill one dream for your blog, what would it be?

Since styling is kinda my direction, I really want to make at least one difference in someone's wardrobe--whether it's finding something that better fits their body, or inspiring them to do something they haven't done before with their clothes...all while discovering brands and designers they've never heard of to obsess over!

3. What are your five foremost fashion rules?

A) Obviously, there are no rules in fashion. (However, there are plenty of suggestions.)
B) Pay attention to proportion. If you're six feet tall, don't carry a clutch that only fits a lipstick and your phone. Likewise, if you're five feet tall, don't carry a big envelope clutch that could fit your kitchen sink.
C) Buy two of something you love!
D) Go thrift shopping and learn how to thrift (I'll be writing a post on this on my blog!). You will be honestly surprised at some of the treasures you can find.
E) Don't wear baggy sweatpants in public unless you're going to and from the gym to your car!

4. If you were to put together an outfit for me, what would you choose?
You ask, I answer!

Joie top, Marni skirt, Steve Madden pumps, Kate Spade orange bangle, Tinley Road sparkly bracelets, ASOS belt, Marc by Marc Jacobs stud earrings

5. What is your favourite fashion house and (briefly) why?  And what is your favourite clothing store and why?

I really love anything Miuccia Prada does, so Prada is definitely up there. I like Miu Miu for the quirky trends. Since I do most of my shopping online, I lllooovveee Piperlime. If I'm actually shopping in a store, I love Nordstrom for the experience/customer service and H&M for the classic + affordable pieces.

Thank you sooooo much Cambria!


  1. Love the pink heels! Perfect for Valentines Day!


  2. I love Chelsea -- she's such a sweetheart and is so talented!
    xo Josie

  3. Those Marc by Marc Jacobs studs are so adorable! xo