Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No Time Til It's Gone...

So this skirt is my last purchase made on Christmas gift cards...pretty good to make them last through January, yes?! I just love waiting til the post-holiday sales really give steep this skirt for $7. You just can't beat it...and a little waiting is TOTALLY worth getting three times as much clothing on just one gift card :)

I went to Coffee News tonight with the Fiance (my darling Drayton Wesley!)...and definitely just felt right at home. There is NOTHING better than going to one's favourite coffee shop, is there?! I mean, the coffee tasted wonderful, the smell was so relaxing and delightful, the people-watching is great...not to mention I really, really truly did get some homework done :)

On another note...let me introduce new readers to my favourite necklace. This little kitty is Wesley (yes, I let the Fiance name him), and he is just too cute for words. I wear him with everything. Just waiting for the point in my life when I've graduated and can get a REAL kitty :)

<3 Cambria


  1. I love these fun pictures! your beaded necklace and skirt are so cute :)


  2. ohhhh i love that necklace! so pretty. i have a lot of adorable outfits to catch up on! :)

  3. you are adorable! i love the grey tights with the navy.

  4. GAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cuuuute necklace combo! I wish I had friends who liked to actually leave campus once and a while. lol

  5. you make those shorts look good! not everyone could pull them off!

  6. This is a lovely skirt. Those buttons (?) are a wonderful touch.

    The Auspicious Life