Monday, February 8, 2010

As Long as There's No Place to Go...

Happy Monday! We started this week off with a thick blanket of sparkly snow and promises of more snow to come. I'm sitting alone in my living room, cozy and warm with a good view of the winter wonderland outside. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with the snow... I love it's beauty and it's fun to play in... But, it lasts way tooo long. I'm longing for the warm weather of summer.
Only 2 more months until spring!
Onto the outfits...
This morning C and I managed to put on very similar outfits without realizing it! This has happened more than once too! Gotta love being roommates :)
Love, J

C: Really is amusing, the outfit similarities that sometimes happen in our room! Dates all the way back to our first day of school, when we dressed in separate rooms but ended up in the EXACT same shirt, denim skirt, and similar shoes. Must be our mutually exceptional taste ;)
On another note, my Modcloth order came today--unfortunately, the swing dress I ordered was a bit short! Another dress that I actually didn't order came in the package, though...and I'm wearing it tomorrow. Quite lovely, will post pics sometime this week.

J:{Brown tee from Khols, Oatmeal zip-up sweater from Target, Jean skirt from Target, burgundy tights from C's closet, brown knee-highs from Target, and my favorite leather boots from DSW}

C: {denim jumper from Target, brown shirt from Old Navy, oatmeal cardigan from Wet Seal, tights from Target, hair bow from Claire's, boots from Wet Seal, socks from J's dresser drawer}

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