Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is It the Good Turtle Soup, or the Muck?

I know I posted earlier, but Happy Sunday!
Ten points for those who know which song the title of this blog is from...

J: {American Eagle Jeans, American Eagle Grey Oxford Sweater, Target White Tee, American Eagle black and silver scarf, Target black heels}...apparently AE and Target were the unofficial sponsors of this outfit... :)
Well, here we are sitting in Caribou on Superbowl Sunday, grooving to music on our iPods, working on homework, and watching the snow fall like sprinkles from the dark sky. This place is DEAD, thanks to that big game... I'd rather be here than in front of a TV watching grown men fling themselves at each other. Nope, no thanks :) even homework sounds more appealing!
Okay, here are our Sunday church outfits... I was feeling a tad on the casual side today... I felt so comfy in my jeans (American Eagle are my favorite! nice and long...) and sweater, with a dressy touch of high heels-making me crazy tall! :)
Live it up!

C {Express floral silk skirt, Target white elbow sleeve tee and white lace cami, Alice+Olivia for Payless purple heels, Express earrings, Target hair clip}:
Caribou is quite the place tonight...J and I bent studiously over our homework and listening to RUSSIAN from across the shop!!! Having just completed a year of Russian, I can only pick out a few words (alas) but the accents are simply divine. As is my soy latte w half-shot of hazelnut, the James Blunt song on my iPod, and the unfinished archaeological work strewn across the couch ;) Coffee, Russian, British accents, and insane history--who would ever, ever choose to watch the Superbowl?!

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