Tuesday, February 9, 2010

She's Only Happy in the Sun...

What a delightfully sunny day it has been today! The snow is still on the ground... but the sun sweetens the deal :)
I'm writing this blog from the upper level of the library, also known as the "Quiet Floor." The fluorescent lighting is ever so pleasant and the floor is scattered with college students on their laptops, ear buds in, completely zoned out from the world. It's hard to say how many are actually studying, or like me, taking a "study break." Either way, it is eerily silent.
Thankfully I got a chair next to the window where I can peek out to see students walking by on the sidewalk. I'm not kidding you,it's like watching a fashion show! The ladies (and some men) really know how to dress here! It's quite enjoyable!
Anyways, while I'm creeping on people up here, C is off gallivanting with her beau, I never see them or really anyone on Tuesday/Thursdays on account of me getting up at the crack of dawn for my placement and not getting back until later in the evening... such is life!
And one more thing! Red Etsy skirt arrived today!! It's absolutely darling and I can't wait to go home and try it on!!
Enjoy the pics and keep it real :)

C: I quite agree, being at school provides exceptional people-watching opportunities. I'm guilty of watching everyone who walks past my table in teh cafeteria, my chair in the library, my seat in chapel...tis ever so much fun :) But today I was appreciating the dapper way my special someone dresses (nine months)!

J: {Floral H&M shirt dress, thrifted belt, pearls and bracelet- vintage from great-grandma skoglund, tights from C's dresser, and the boots make yet another appearance :)}

C: {Old Navy taupe shirt $4, H&M purple cordoroy skirt $5, tights from J's closet, boots from Wet Seal (bday present), vest from Express $9, bow from Claire's}

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