Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Every word you say, I think I should write down...

C: Today the sun is absolutely, blindingly brilliant! And yet somehow, it's gotten colder...alas and alack! Sitting in class next to a (unfortunately open) window was not the most most enjoyable moment of my day :P On the other hand, February is nearing its end so at least we have hope of spring and warmth. And along those lines, I have hope of Spring Break within a week!!! We girls are taking a couple days to chill together and perhaps take a trip to the Mall of America--twill be such fun :) I'm not even going to think about the homework I have to do between then and now...

{houndstooth vintage-style shorts from Forever21, fuschia shirt from J's closet, belt from Target, black woven tights from Target, black oxford heels from Payless}

Dear Cyberspace,
I love this skirt. I found it at this great vintage/thrift store downtown and I have had fun with it ever since! The yellow it is now is not the same color it was many years ago, although I like it more than the original (underneath the pocket flap you can see the original yellow-green color). I just love the high waist and huge pockets, it just screams 1950s to me :)Oh! And those earrings?! Love them! I got them for a dollar (along with a handful of other adorable earrings) at an antique shop near my cabin. They are clip-on, so they aren't to be worn for long periods of time...unless you want your earlobe to fall off!
Another thing I love, is the huge contrast in styles between c and me. I'm afraid to say that she was dressed more appropriately for the weather than I was...but I just have this terrible case of the cold winter blues and the cure for that is to pretend it is warmer than it is and dress for spring!

Jessica Lynn

{White eyelet 3/4 length tee from Penney's, vintage skirt, cream bow-tie flats from Target, floral scarf from C, Large orange flower clip-on earrings from an antique shop up north.}

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  1. the most fashionable girls at nwc. hands down.