Tuesday, February 23, 2010

She's Only Happy In The Sun

Today has been a fairly uneventful day...certainly nothing worth blogging about...yet here I am...blogging about it. Started the morning off with fresh cinnamon rolls (the ones from a tube... yum.) and a pot of coffee. Went to chapel...learned it's okay to be ordinary (awesome.) and did a presentation about how my journey of intercultural competence is like a box of brownie mix...it was great. :) C and I are going on a vintage/thrift store adventuring this afternoon...I've been advised by my mother to leave my wallet at home, seeing as how I am a poor college student... we'll see if how it goes and either way it will be a grand time! :)
Today, we have a guest fashionista! Our lovely roommate was looking so darling (well, she does everyday, but this day especilly!) the other day that we pushed her in the hallway and snapped a few pictures! Now if only Caitlin will cooperate... :)

Love to the moon and back,
wearing dress-up clothes (it was chilly out today so we decided to pretend with our outfits): Polka-dot skirt from Forever 21 (really great twirling skirt!), Grey eyelet 3/4 length shirt, yellow knee socks from Target (For the record, I came up with the idea for the yellow socks and brown Mary-Janes, Cambria just took the picture first :) ) brown mary-jane heels from Payless, pearls from great-grandma


  1. seriously, all your clothes are amazing. lol if i come over before school will you just dress me up?

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  3. dude, I love your clothes! Come play dress up with us sometime! :)

  4. i will! do you do pics everyday? i'd love to join your fashion blog :)