Thursday, February 25, 2010

An Itsy Bitsy Spider

C: I couldn't help but think of the isty-bitsy spider today...being washed out of the spout...since it's warm and sunny and melty! Funny how weather here in the Midwest changes drastically day by day. Perhaps that's why I've been missing the ocean lately *sigh* and wishing I could just sit on a white sand beach and listen to seagulls! But enough of that. I do have something to look forward to this evening, despite the snow--I'm going to attend a musical with my boyfriend and my roomie. This is mostly exciting because I get to dress up...going for the LBD look, but jazzing it up (pun intended) with some 20s-style accessories :)
{Forever21 flowered tunic dress, gifted red tights, cabled brown knee highs, Wet Seal boots}

So, I have been wanted a classic khaki trench for quite some time now and have had my eyes on this one from Target- good price and I really like the length, although I am a tad unsure about the color. Perhaps I want one in a lighter shade of khaki? Either way, I adore this outfit. I have been waiting since December for a chance to use this darling umbrella and it makes me ever so happy! I also love the pearl choker with it which is yet another goody from great-grandma Marion's jewelery box. It's a super antique choker made with real freshwater pearls, I love it but I am terrified to wear it! It feels slightly fragile and I would simply die if something happened to it while wearing it!
Anyways, I can't wait for more days to wear outfits like this! Bring on those April showers!! :)


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