Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Easy like Sunday morning...

Hmm...welp nothing too exciting to write about today. The red Etsy skirt is a tad on the small side! So, I want to play with it a little bit and see if i can't alter it slightly. It fits C, so I suppose I can always give it to her too... :) We wear the same size on almost everything, but she is quite a bit shorter than me and is just a tad smaller in the waist region. Either way, we have great fun sharing a closet :) We like to mix our own personal styles and make things work.
Today has been quite the lovely and warm (22 degrees and sunshine!!!) Wednesday, had breakfast with two darling girls, chapel, class with my favorite prof, test, and my contemporary poetry class was canceled today! Oh joy!! It's always a fun treat to have a surprise cancellation! Thanks to the cancellation I was finally able to run the errands I had been putting off for weeks... and to end the day, babysitting 3 precious boys :)
Lots of Love
J {Torn boyfriend jeans from Express (on sale for 75%off!), thrifted red Keds, taupe long sleeve tee from Target, cream boyfriend cardigan from Target, vintage bead necklace and bracelets from great-grandma skoglund...she had great taste! :) }

It's Wednesday, which in my personal opinion is the least likeable day of the week. Too far into the week to retain energy, yet far enough from the end to be discouraging...nasty middling position, Wednesday :P But overall today wasn't too poor (except for the fact that the 'saggy' fit of my boyfriend jeans doesn't show in this picture). But after all, when one has eaten whipped cream and berries for breakfast (guilty as charged), the day is just unfailingly sweeter!

C: {boyfriend jeans from Express 75% off, vintage-styled sweater from Target, cabled socks from somewhere, brown leather mary janes from Penney's, pearl necklace from birthday gift}

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