Thursday, February 11, 2010

Feelin' Collegiate.

It's Thursday!! Also known as "The Day of Swing Dancing" :) We are pretty excited for this's like stepping back in time, 90 years ago. The little club that we go to has a live jazz band, fancy clothes and people are dancing and having a great time...mmmm :) be still my soul. Pictures to come later :)
Had placements this morning, so had to pick something out of my "teacher's wardrobe"
and now I am dashing off to my two-hour long class. blegh.
{Pumpkin long-sleeve sweater from Target, brown corduroy vest from Ann Taylor, jean skirt from Target, heather-gray tights from C, brown Mary-Janes from Payless, and vintage clip-on earrings from an antique store.}

C: Yes it is Thursday! An absolutely delightful day because I get to get swingin' with two of my favourite people in the entire world--my boyfriend, D, and my roomie, J. Our swing dancing "lair" was a gangster hangout in the 20s-30s, refurbished in the same roarin' style! Tonight the jazz orchestra will be playing (hopefully won't draw too many crowds) and people will be looking just fine :)
And also--this bow headband is one of my absolutely most favourite things to wear. If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for bows...and this one is big, cute, and classy without being obnoxious. Love it!

C {wide-leg Express jeans thrifted $7, white Old Navy shirt $4, gifted Target vest, Payless oxfords $15, black bow headband H&M $6}

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