Friday, February 12, 2010

Swingin' Birthday, Jazzy Styles...

C: Last night was quite fun...wonderful music (of cousre including Sing, Sing, Sing!) from greats like Sinatra and Fitzgerald! The digs weren't too crowded so the dancing was fun even though lifts were out of the question. During breaks, we had fun taking silly pics with our boys--complemented by the 20s background! We dressed cool considering the hot (no pun intended) atmosphere of the swing dancing spot, but that meant frigid legs when we went to Applebee's for J's bday afterward.

C {red dress w white polka dots and lace-up back, vintage thrifted--black mary janes from Payless}
J {Black cap sleeve, eyelet tee from Penny's, gold sequined skirt-is the best twirling skirt I own! from Marshalls, black leggings from C, black flats from Macy's and vintage belt.}

Well, last night was a blast and a half! In the words of Eliza Doolittle, "I could 'ave dahnced alll night, I could 'ave dahnced alll night and still 'ave begged fo' more..." What better way to kick off my birthday weekend with dancing and friends? My birthday isn't until Sunday (aka Valentines Day! :) ) and so, it will be a weekend of delight!

Love, J

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