Thursday, February 18, 2010

picking up that urban feel.

Daisies by Louise Gluck

Go ahead: say what you're thinking. The garden is not the real world. Machines
are the real world. Say frankly what any fool
could read in your face:it makes sense
to avoid us, to resist nostalgia. It is
not modern enough, the sound the wind makes
stirring a meadow of daisies: the mind cannot shine following it. And the mind
wants to shine plainly, as machines shine, and not
grow deep, as, for example, roots. It is very touching,
all the same, to see you cautiously
approaching the meadow's border in early morning,
when no on could possibly
be watching you...

~and it continues. It's beautiful, but how in the world am I supposed to analyze it?! sigh...
Right now, I'm sitting in the local Caribou, sipping a hot beverage and feeling quite urban, despite my suburban setting. I'm blogging, reading poetry, drinking a soy latte, wearing wide rim glasses and have my ear buds in. Nice, huh? :)
Anyways, it's been awhile since our last post, and I take full blame. C has been nagging me to at least upload the pictures... I must say, I'm not particularly fond of this outfit. It does nothing for my pale sickly looking, midwestern skin, and I kind of think of the roses look like wallpaper. I do adore those red Keds though! So comfy and cute!! What a great thrift store find! :)I like each piece...just maybe not together?
Peace out.
**khaki skirt from target, rose drawstring sweater from macy's, thrifted red keds**

Apparently this is "Thrift Store Find Post"...because this skirt is probably my best Goodwill find ever. I bought it last summer for $1.49 after falling in love with the gorgeous fabric. I love the exotic, oriental feel and the rich black-brown-tan-red colour combo! Little secret--the skirt is from Coldwater Creek and it's actually a size 10. I had to do quite a bit of alteration to make it a high-waisted skirt 8 sizes smaller! Definitely worth both the effort and money, however :)
*~Poem courtesy of Stephen James~*
When I was young I drank cases and cases of dreams
Because that was all I could afford. And it was the only
Thing my grocer kept in stock.
But I never became drunk,
Because I didn’t learn how to swallow them
Deeply enough.
Love from C
{Old Navy black shirt, Wet Seal boyfriend cardigan, thrifted and altered skirt, Wet Seal boots, gifted red tights}

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  1. could i borrow this outfit tomorrow jess? or what cambria's wearing...either is adorable. i can stop in tonight :)