Saturday, February 20, 2010

Veiled Ladies

C: I'll only be posting a couple pics of my outfit from today, since J didn't want to repeat :) We girls spent an afternoon on the town today, visiting Macy's downtown and eating pop-overs, gazing ardently at art in the museum, and drinking delicious coffee in a nearby shop. I had my new favourite drink, a French Espresso--soda water, espresso, half-and-half--bubbly coffee. Delish. All in celebration of J's birthday! What fun!

{Forever 21 grey jumper dress, gifted burgandy tights, Payless Mary Janes, Old Navy black shirt, gifted net/bow headband from England}


  1. i love this...i totally wrote a paper on that painting to your right since it was on the cover of my wuthering heights book. i love you girls, so lovely.

  2. oh lauren, we love you!! you are our one and only follower and our first to comment!!! eee!! :)
    you are the bestest! <3