Sunday, February 21, 2010

You Can Like the Life You're Living

C: Well today is a sunny Sunday and the melting process is well underway! J and I had adopted the (giant) icicle that hung outside our window, even named him Friedrich last week--and then yesterday he fell to his death. Alas. Sometimes Spring brings sorrow! All around though, the weather puts us in a good mood. It's just lovely to have our windows open and drink ice water without putting on a coat...

{Old Navy white shirt, thrifted black-buttoned cardigan, Target ankle socks, Target belt (removed from accompanying dress!), and vintage thrifted skirt, gifted from J}


I decided to forgo the "cryptic" name thing we were was weird. Today was yet another lovely pseudo-spring days that we occasionally have this time of year. Every year it is such a let down for me...not unlike getting a skirt from Etsy that was approximately 5 inches to small around the waist. Shucks. I sure hope C enjoys it :) Either way, the skirt I have on is such a treat to wear! I just adore it. I feel that it can be worn with many different things and take on several looks... LOVE it! :)
Catch ya on the flip side...

{Red shirt from Marshalls, really old black cardigan...not sure where it's from, black snakeskin ballet flats from American Eagle, thrifted skirt}

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  1. love this outfit.The white socks are perfect with those black mary janes and they go great with that skirt