Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ode to a Long Work Day

Oh work, I am so grateful to have you
But I'm sure standing in this shoe
To do my ten hour shift at Border's
For my feet, is a tall order.

And I'm off to work with my lovely books and lovely coworkers for the next ten hours...such loads of fun :P Leaving my poor family at home and leaving my poor feet cooped up in these shoes all day! We will see if I survive...might be a close call, ya know. More later <3

P.S. This skirt was a DRESS but I liked it better this way, so I did some DIY :)

{vintage flowered skirt from Goodwill, gifted brown tank from Old Navy, white cabled sweater from Penney's, vintage straw/leather belt from Goodwill, beige shoes from Goodwill, yellow bow from Claire's}

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