Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is Living.

Hello Hello! Never fear my darlings! I am very much alive and kicking! And wearing clothes, just for the record. My summer has already been quite the whirlwind, but summer is really quite delightful. No complaints.
Like C already mentioned, today was Humid with a capital "H" you could cut the air with a knife.
However, unlike Ms. C, I adore the heat. In my opinion, winter should only exist for December ( I do love a white Christmas) and then it should be lovely and warm the rest of the year. :D oh, if only.

Because of the weather, I wanted to be casual and cool today. So this little number was perfect!

I've missed you! I promise to get my act together and take more pictures of myself (or enlist ma mere to assist me.)


(Navy blue t-shirt from American Eagle $3, khaki shorts from Old Navy $5, woven leather belt $2 from Goodwill, heart necklace from American Eagle Gift, woven sandals from Aero $9)

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