Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today is a lovely, lazy day :) My treasure of a roommate Kileen and I are exploring a new coffee shop and doing homework together. We actually wanted to try the "Matchbox"--but discovered upon arrival that said coffee shop is literally the size of a matchbox. Definitely not conducive to doing homework, unless you fancy using your laptop standing up. So we've migrated slightly farther down the road to Diamonds. I have yet to purchase a drink...but I can tell you that there are absolutely ADORABLE lamps on every table. Mine, for instance, has a ram!!!

I will have to post pics of this tomorrow. But for is the outfit I wore to church this morning :) Yes *drum roll* the first of my H&M purchases. Oh joy, large-pocketed skirt.

<3 Cambria

What's your favourite coffee drink?


  1. You look so cute! I love the tiny floral print on your top. H&M is so great :)