Monday, September 13, 2010


Shall we just say that today was a mixed bag? Mondays are just never the best, since you're still scrambling to pick up from the weekend and move back into a busy week's schedule. Besides which, so much homework is due on Mondays...naturally on the day when your brain is least functional!

I did have fun in poetry class today, however, and thought I'd share a new poem with you all :)

nothing (absolutely nothing)
is as good unless you’re sharing it—

open up any book,
stacks of words I want to read together,
two voices in turn, two voices rise and fall;
they dye and weave and
all stories become just another fabric
of the texture of our own realities.

a keening I know would catch your throat as it catches mine—
want you next to me, eyes bluer than any lake,
more like the sea,
and I’d find in them my same yearning,
an inside mourning for some place,
some where,
we both belong with salt taste on our tongues.

<3 Cambria
P.s. These are pics from the coffee shop yesterday :)


  1. I know what you mean about Mondays. They are my least favorite days.

    I love your bag!

  2. Your poetry is so lovely! Fantastic job.
    Aww, I really really love that cross-body bag. (: